The Sprachevents


Use the Sprachevents as an entrance door to your life in Germany! +++


A course?

They are called Sprachevents because they are single events of about two hours which are independent of each other. You can choose according to your interests and how much time you want to dedicate.



According to the type of event, Sprachevents take place in varied locations for leisure activities, in cooperation with bars, outdoor, and even in private apartments. The idea behind this is to see more of Berlin and to get in closer touch with the city and its people.

Organizing outdoor events is quite a risk since the legendary German reliability stops when it comes to the weather. However, our two weeks of summer are too beautiful to spend indoors. If the weather is very bad and there is no chance of holding the Sprachevent inside, you can choose between waiting for a nice day, joining another event, or getting reimbursement. Ready for the German weather experience?



Everyone in Berlin has different rhythms and I try to make it possible for everyone to join in. Usually, Sprachevents take place in the evenings during the week, and sometimes on weekends or in the daytime as well. Besides, you can ask to fix your own date...


Group size

You need to be a group of at least 4 persons to book a regular Sprachevent. Nevertheless, individuals or smaller groups can also enjoy German by doing +++.

The Sprachevents are more effective if the groups are small. That is why the number of participants is usually limited to 5-8 people, depending on the event. I can work out individually which types of events are practicable for bigger group sizes.



Speakers of different levels join the same event. Even though it is recommended to understand at least some basic German - since the common language during the Sprachevents is German - you will not get lost as a beginner. Why? Because we are doing things! There are objects and pictures and everyone understands what we are doing. There is a lot of input for advanced speakers, while less advanced speakers can express themselves without any pressure. You have the chance to write down everything that is new, if you want. If not, just talk!


Frullier Light

German by doing is to learn German by making things, tasting, smelling, feeling... supported by illustrations. Frullier Light is as cool as the other Sprachevents, but not by doing in the proper sense of the concept. To this category belong the games (pen & paper role-playing games, board games). You will talk and learn a lot - so it is not "light" at all. But they cost less and you can book at shorter notice.


Please note

You can learn how to cook German food or how to build a stool at Frollein Frullier. However, the concept is focused on facilitating the learning of the German language and not on learning the activity itself. You will have the chance to practice it and to fall in love with German if we do not limit ourselves to just one subject!


Your ideas, your locations

Proposals and wishes for Sprachevents are always welcome. If you own any location or equipment and you want to share it, you are just as welcome!

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